About Us

Lisa Corcostegui

  • Ph.D. in Basque Studies
  • LisaM.A. in Spanish language and literature
  • Over 20 years experience in Basque genealogical research
  • Lived several years and conducted research in the Basque Country
  • English, Spanish, Basque and reading knowledge of French
  • Teaches Basque genealogy at university level
  • Member of Aintzinako

Email: lisa@thebasquebranch.com


Maria Barinaga-Tipton

  • MariaDoctorate in Jurisprudence
  • B.S. in Accounting
  • Extensive genealogical research in records of Bizkaia

Email: maria@thebasquebranch.com

Amagoia Guezuraga

  • Licentiate degree in geography and history
    (University of Deusto, 1991)
  • Graduate degree in Basque culture
    (University of Deusto, 1995)Amagoia
  • Master's degree in Heraldry, Nobility and Genealogy
  • Author of Elementos heráldicos en la Iglesia de San Martín de Arteaga de Zamudio. Bilbao: 2008, ISBN: 978-84-92413-11-9
  • Member of Aintzinako; Current president
  • Extensive research in several archives in the Basque Country and Spain

Email: amagoia@thebasquebranch.com

Common sources in the Basque Country

Ecclesiastic archives




E-Archives of Atlantic Pyrenees (French Dept. 64)

E-archives of Pyrenees Atlantiques

Notarial Archives



Basque Library at UNR

The Basque Library holds many titles helpful to genealogists. In addition to works on surnames and heraldry, there are many works on specific regions and towns with information on ancestral homes.

The Basque Library

Family History Library in Salt Lake

The Family History Library holds micofilms of Basque Country parish books containing baptisms, marriages, deaths, confirmations, and parish censuses.

We lead yearly research trips to the library.

Family History Library