Research Services and Fees

Consultation $35.00

You let us know what you would like to find out and present us with any previous research that has been done. We will assess what we think we can accomplish for you and make suggestions for research or a detailed research plan if possible. 

Research and Report Preparation $35.00 per hour

Includes analysis of previous research, research in original or published records, written report with detailed analysis of findings and suggestions for future research.  


An initial retainer of $175.00 is required to begin work. This provides you with three to four hours of research in selected sources and a report that will include recommendations for further action. This is based on the rate of $35.00 per hour. If you decide to continue the research you may authorize four to eight hour increments, making advanced payments for each increment.

Look-up $20.00

This is intended for the client for whom we are not conducting a research but may have found the reference to a document online and would like a copy. This fee is intended to cover our time. If the institution holding the document charges a fee, this will be charged to the client. We will advise you of this prior to obtaining the copy.

We incurr no charge at the Family History Library, however, not all records are available there. With the current exchange rate, our most frequently utilized European archives charge approximately $6.80 for a copy of documents they have on microfilm (not including postage). The cost of the copy of an original document is approximately $30.00.

Transcription and Translation $35.00 per hour

A transcription is a full typewritten copy of the handwritten document in the original language. A translation is a typewritten version of the document in English. You may order either or both.

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What is a family group sheet?

A family group sheet focuses on the family unit. It includes fiedls for a couple and all of their children, along with spaces to record birth, death, marriage and burial places for each individual. Some family group sheets alsohave a place to record the name of each child's spouse, as well as a section for comments or sources. Family group sheets and pedigree charts are used in conjunction with one another

For each married couple that appears on your Pedigree Chart, youshould also fill out a family group sheet.

The pedigree chart provides anoverview of your direct ancestors, while a family group sheet gives you details about each generation.

Download a blank family group sheet


What is a pedigree chart?

It is a visual representation of your ancestry usually including 4 generations. It begins with you and branches backward showing the names, birth, marriage and death dates of your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.

Download a blank chart

Where should I start?

funeral mass cardYour family is the best place to begin when starting a genealogical journey. Ask your parent, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins about any documentation they might have.

Funeral mass cards tucked away in prayer books or bibles can provide information, as well as obituaries clipped from newspapers.

Cousins can have valuable information. Remember, you have the same grandparents.