Custom Charts and Books

The Basque Branch can help you visualize the branches of your family tree in an attractive wall chart or in book form - all customized with photos of ancestral locations and your own cherished photos.

ancestor tree chart


Set-up fee: $20.00 per hour. This includes placing photographs and background graphics if desired. This is a one-time charge. If you would like more than one copy of the same chart or book, you willl not pay for set-up after the first one.

Books: $5.00 plus .50 per page

Books are printed on premium paper and spiral bound.

Charts: $8.00 per linear foot

Charts are printed in color on heavyweight paper. You choose the background color.


Photo background

Oak leaves







What is an ancestor tree?

An ancestor tree starts withone individual (can include siblings) and branches backward to include the individual's parents and all generations of grandparents before them. It includes only direct ancestors of the primary individual. This type of chart is vertical.

What is a descendant tree?

A descendant tree begins with an individual or couple and branches downward showing the children (and spouses) of each generation. In other words, it goes from the past to the present. This type of chart is horizontal.

How does a book chart work?

A book chart is broken up into pages. Family lines are continued from one individual to another with arrows indicating the number of the page on which the line is continued. An index at the end of the book makes it easy to go directly to the page of a specific individual.

Fan Chart

Ancestor Fan Tree - Click to enlarge

Ancestor chart