Contract for Genealogical Services

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This contract entered into by the Basque Branch and “the client” on this date Saturday, September 23, 2023

I the client, engage the genealogical services of the Basque Branch, 4095 Twin Falls Dr., Reno, NV 89511, and I authorize the Basque Branch to conduct genealogical research on my behalf (services indicated by checking boxes below).

- $35.00

The client will provide any previous research or pertinent documents that have been compiled (to avoid being charged for duplicate work) on the person or family to be researched. The Basque Branch will assess what we think we can accomplish for the client and make suggestions for research or a detailed research plan if possible. Note that negative findings and unsuccessful searches are a possible outcome.

- $175.00

An initial retainer of $175.00 is required to begin work. This provides the client with three to four hours of research in selected sources and a report that will include recommendations for further action. This is based on the rate of $35.00 per hour. If the client decides to continue the research he/she may authorize four to eight hour increments, making advance payments for each increment.

- $20.00

This is intended for the client for whom the Basque Branch is not conducting a research project but may have found the reference to a document online and would like a copy. This fee is intended to cover our time. If the institution holding the document charges a fee, this will be charged to the client. We will advise you of this prior to obtaining the copy.

-  $35.00 per hour

A transcription is a full typewritten copy of the handwritten document in the original language. A translation is a typewritten version of the document in English. You may order either or both.  An estimate will be provided upon receipt of document.  Client will be invoiced and will receive the transcription and/or translation upon payment.


The Basque Branch will send reports to the client within a reasonable amount of time. 

The client gives the Basque Branch permission to submit such report and related files for purposes of genealogical certification.  The Basque Branch will not use the client’s name not those of living research subjects in lectures, published materials, or materials submitted for genealogical certification with the client’s express consent.

This contract will encompass subsequent products ordered by the client from the Basque Branch and will adhere to the prices listed on

To ensure the client’s satisfaction, the Basque Branch asks that the client fill out a research priority form detailing the research subject and priorities. You will be taken to this form after clicking "accept."

Please print this page for your records before clicking on “Accept.” An invoice for the services selected will be sent to the email address provided above.